Signage, or the use of signs, is still an important way of advertising a business. The fonts, style, colours and images in a good sign are often the “first port of call” for anyone taking interest in a company. This can cover everything from a billboard, a letter heading, signage on the side of a van, posters, leaflets or signage on a shop front. Signage is a very important means of establishing a brand. Therefore, expert signage providers such as Printing Brisbane by Auzprint can offer a range of signage solutions to any company or retail outlet.

Vehicle Signage.

A company may own a fleet of vans or cars or there could be supply vehicles constantly on the road. This constitutes an automatic way of advertising a company or product. These could be mobile billboards. Vehicle signage can range from simply placing lettering on a door or bonnet through to a full “vehicle wrap”. The whole vehicle is then used for signage. The process uses an adhesive vinyl and digital printing process. This is then carefully applied to the whole car body.

Another option is to use a rear window. This uses a special “see through vinyl adhesive”. This appears solid on the outside of a vehicle. However, because small holes are used, this does not obstruct vision through the rear window. It can be used to advertise a company’s contact details such as address, telephone number, and web address.

Building Signage

If there is a need to update a business or set up a new concern, especially a retail business, or for example a busy High Street, then it is important to have signage that stands out. The fonts, colours and designs that are used on say a shop frontage sign will have to be carried through into the shop itself.

The style of lettering and designs used on a shop front sign for a cafe can then be used on the headings and fonts of individual menu cards. In other words, there has to be a consistency of style throughout a retail outlet or a restaurant. The same can be said for any business where the fonts used on a business vehicle will have to match up with website designs and letter headings etc. Again think of any major company. This helps to reinforce any brand and is a way for the public to remember a company, retail outlet, cafe, restaurant or bar and, of course, any products that might be on sale. These are all areas that companies like Printing Brisbane by Auzprintcan assist in.

The “A” frame should not be forgotten either. This is one of the earlier forms of advertising a business on the high street or in a retail outlet. This can still be an effective means of advertising.

Occupational Health and Safety regulations quite often require the use of warning signs and regulations to be clearly on show in any premises used by both employees and the general public. These can also be provided.

Designing the Signage

Also, Printing Brisbane by Auzprint and other competent providers will work in partnership with any potential client. Working on design ideas is a collaborative activity. Initial outlines and sketches can be refined and then developed to meet the clients’ needs.