Are you starting to compose your own music in your garage? Undoubtedly, you are coming across undesirable noise from time to time, since you do not have the resources yet to develop a soundproof studio. There is a remedy to that, really. You can look at 3dHd—they offer sound blankets.

What are sound blankets?

Sound blankets are padded fibreglass blankets that soak up and obstruct noise. They can be utilized for industrial, individual, or commercial objectives. In addition, no, you can’t use it for sleeping.

Exactly how do they operate?

One point to bear in mind regarding sound coverings is that even though they can dampen the sound, they cannot completely reduce the audio to 100%. If you are expecting the latter, you’ll only be dissatisfied.

When draped over a sound source or the surrounding wall surfaces, with a hard surface area, it will automatically decrease the audio. The thickness of the blanket and also the means it was sewn were designed to obstruct noise. You can check out 3dHd Gear as they offer sound blankets.


  • Music production

For up and coming Avicii’s and Kygo’s around, sound blankets are low-cost however reliable tools for obstructing undesirable sound. If you wish to pick up your item’s effects clearly, sound blankets will help you with that by minimising the distracting audios from the neighbours. For 3dHd’s top-calibre sound blankets and equipment, you can check their collection here. Take a look at 3D HD Gear

  • Home amusement

Spending your Saturday with your entertainment set? Enhance your experience using sound blankets. Hang them over your home windows to obstruct the sunshine as well as smother undesirable sounds from outdoors—awesome, right?

  • Writing

You really need to complete your draft because the target date is currently tomorrow. You’re preparing to spend time all night to finish it, yet you can hear the road noises from your house. Why not drape sound blankets over your windows as opposed to booking a close-by motel? Check out some sound blankets here for your quiet writing time.

Positive sides: it will save you money and it will help you avoid a 1408 experience.

  • Practice activities that call for quiet

Do you want to practice your dialogues however don’t want the family to misinterpret your sounds? Just drape two to three sound blankets over your home windows and walls. By carrying this out, you will not keep back in practising your lines with emotions. In no time, you will be delivering your dialogues with appropriate diction.

  • Band rehearsals at home

Do not have the budget for pricey acoustic panels or drapes? Buy sound blankets instead. They are cheap however efficient choices to those costly acoustic foams. With sound blankets, you’ll reduce reflections, which will make your vocals and instruments sound clearer.

Plus points: You won’t interrupt your neighbours. Moreover, they’re portable! You can drop by 3dHd Gear since they offer sound blankets for excellent sound-blocking.

Get the most effective sound absorbing blankets now

No matter if, you are an up and coming producer or a film lover, sound blankets are affordable; however, they are credible tools ensured to help you block undesirable noises.

Yet, even if they are useful, does not indicate you ought to pick the low-grade products. Always opt for those top-quality coverings.

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